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About ICD

ICD offers promotional solutions that boosts visibility and gives your company a competitive edge. By employing innovative technologies and skilled project handling strategies, we aim to achieve and sustain high performance levels. We embrace key virtues of wisdom and growth by ensuring business efficiency. With a consistent approach to deliver a unique solution, ICD strives to maximize visibility for your products.

ICD actively encourage its participants to share their ideas for continuous growth and development. We intend to bridge all boundaries by promoting healthy interaction among our participants. With our ability to focus on product development, we help enhance your core competencies while reducing your time to market.

Continuous improvement, brand visibility and competitive pricing are critical factors for successful execution of projects. The increasing complexity of construction projects has created the need for integration of expertise throughout the project lifecycle. ICD facilitates Developers, Manufacturers, Contractors, Architects & Consultants, Banks & Insurance companies to interact with each other to drive growth. This integrated approach will ensure win-win situation for all the participants.